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Christmas Day 2021
Christmas Day 2021

An annual festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on 25 December each year. The actual birth date of lord Jesus is unknown but in the early fourth century at church, the date was decided as 25 December corresponding to the date of the winter solstice as per the Roman calendar.

As we all are ready to bid goodbye to the year 2021, we must also be prepared to celebrate the festive season. The most beautiful time of the year. All around the world Christmas day is celebrated by attending a get-together with family and friends. The festival begins on the evening of 24 December known as Christmas Eve.
Decorating houses, with lights and beautiful ornaments. Also making Christmas tree🎄, with lots of joy and enthusiasm.
Christmas basically holds a huge significance for the whole Christian community but it is wholeheartedly celebrated by non-Christians as well.

Christmas is also associated with a mythical figure known as Santa Claus 🎅, which basically is considered as a traditional patron bringing gifts and fulfilling the wish of children. Santa Claus is associated with Saint Nicholas, a fourth-century saint. It is believed that Santa Claus rides on his sleigh to give gifts to children all around the World.
To celebrate this occasion people attend the midnight mass at the church on Christmas Eve and celebrate it by distributing cakes. People also prepare a Christmas feast on this day and sing carols at the church. This beautiful festival symbolizes the end of the year and a joyful beginning towards the next year with a heart-warming, blessed, and jolly welcome.

This year fill your heart with all the good things around you and let go of all the negativities.

Merry Christmas Everyone⛄🌲⛄

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