Smile, Be Yourself, Think, Accept and Always Be Positive

“All our problems will be solved , if we just bear it a little bit more with our smiling faces and positive attitude.”

Be Positive Curative Artist
Be Positive Curative Artist

Our thoughts only decide what we are, and if we want to see improvement in our life then the first thing we can do is improve our “Thoughts”. Always try to be positive as positive thinking can reduce all our stress. Don’t let your thoughts dominate you, instead of dominating your thoughts and always try to improve them regardless of any situation. Life is not always easy that goes on very comfortably, one has to face problems and hardships to do something. The greatest thing one can always do to get through tough situations is to remain calm and positive. Do not panic while facing tough situations. Negativity will always drag us down. It will create problems for us, it will make us clueless and drained.

Positivism is very easy to follow:


Always smile, because the power of smiling is infinite. It has the power to change your mind and perceptions. It creates a better environment for you, shifts your negative mind away. So you would feel better.

Be yourself:

Like we all know everyone is different, and you don’t have to change yourself according to others. It is always better to be real, you can lie to everyone but not yourself. So cheer yourself because nobody can do this better than you.


Think, your one thought can change everything. So, don’t underestimate yourself. The power is within you. Choose the thoughts you want to live. Embrace all positive thoughts inside you and leave the negative ones.


Accept the truth, no matter how hard it is. Truth is the reality we have to live with, don’t panic if the truth is hard to accept. Change your point of view to see anything. Accept yourself and you’ll see a major difference.

A major drawback that Keeps us away from being happy is stress. Everyone talks about stress, each one of us knows that when we get stressed, we start feeling and thinking about the things that we would never be doing, feeling or thinking bullshit endlessly.

According to my nobody really knows what stress really is or how to avoid it, we just need to find a way that can turn stress into success in a positive manner. Positive energy always improves the state of our mind, body, and spirit, it makes us feel happy even if we complete a simple task. It really creates an enthusiasm inside us, something that makes us feel alive.

Hence we become happier, but most importantly a good human beings full of positive vibes.

This provides us with the real strength and energy that we require to generate the lives we want to lead.

A question that suddenly strikes my mind is where to find that positivity?

The answer is very simple yet hard to implement that positivity lies within us. Bringing all the positive energies into our own lives, and into the lives of people around us is an art that makes us think in a different manner rather than we used to before.

I have been living peacefully all these years, and not once in a while a single person has praised me or congratulated me for being careful and living my life normally.

That’s the very basic example of a person who thinks that a simple task needs to be praised or get a reward, as we are not living alone in this big world. Everyone has their own lives, stuff that needs to be managed daily, where any positive attention has to be “earned” and is never frequently given. We can’t expect all time from others as it will always make us feel inferior and it can create negativity inside us. Every time the energy level needs to be positive if we want to live properly. I know that  I can only write or speak about all these things but the real task is to implement them. And I am going to do it. At this point, I will start learning more about being happy so that I can live a happy and healthy life.

The world is full of so many beautiful things yet we always decide to ignore the happy moments because of the negative power around us.

If we really want a good life, we just need to focus on ourselves first. We should always try for a way that will lift up our spirits. Sometimes all it takes to feel good is some positive words that can immediately make our day. Talk to a positive person whether it’s a best friend or a stranger, just exchanging a few words of hope can make you feel amazing. Always try to help others by taking a moment to deliver a positive message, so that everyone around us can have a long-lasting effect on it in a positive way.

We should just try to spread the positive vibes all around us so that all the negativity disappears from our lives and we can live happily by boosting each other’s moods.

Does that sound great?

Yeah!!! It sounds great.

So let’s take the very first initiative towards our happy life. We will for sure keep learning and smiling no matter what.

“All our problems will be solved if we just bear it a little bit more with our smiling faces and positive attitude.”

It all passes by…..

Have faith in yourself, be positive.

My objective is to provide people with original, interesting, easy-to-read and friendly content. I like to write about the contents that are relatable for all my readers.I just wish that my readers will understand the contents because I write what my heart speaks and it helps me to understand myself in a better way, I write what I feel and it has helped me a lot. My life really changed that day when I wrote the first note about the thought in my mind and that made me realize what kind of person I am. After that when I was sad, I wrote my second note that was all about motivating myself. It made me realize that I don't need other's to be happy, I will always be happy if I make up my mind to be. Third note was when I wrote my first poem, after that I got to know that I love to write, I don't know whether I am a good writer or not , I will never stop writing.