The connection of religion with human society in the world.

Even if we discriminate others by caste, creed or religion, our world is the same.Similarly, even if we judge others by caste, creed or religion our shadow is the same.

Religion Between Humans
Religion Between Humans

We live in a world where religion has a great connection with human society. In every phase of life, humanity is undergoing various transformations as well as inventions, somehow we fail to change our thought processes. All our moral codes and ethics seem to be worthless. We pretend to know the reality of our moral values.

Humans were created as a symbol of love, emotion, and kindness. The aim for all was to help each other regardless of their religion.

All religions are one, they just have different nomenclature. One should always respect each other irrespective of their religion.

What is religion?

Religion is a social-cultural system of different behavior, moral, views, thoughts, ethics, and sentiments that relates to humanity. It is up to us that we choose to harm others or we make the situation better. If we will leave all negativity behind, we’ll realize that we are humans and humanity is above all religion. We are the ones who created religion and we are supposed to follow it positively without any criticism.

Does fighting over religion a correct practice to follow?

It is a question to all, including me, does fighting over religion make us feel better?

Why do we always pretend to be hurt and start creating problems for others? 

Why there is so much hatred, inequality amongst all religions. This is not what religion was meant for. We all live under the same roof that is the sky, then why we have created differences all around us in the name of religion?

“I think we fight as we don’t want to change, rather we just want to prove ourselves despite being wrong.”

Religion is not the only topic. Even people from the same religion create discrimination on caste, creed, color, and status. No one has the right to judge someone by their religion or caste. As an individual, we must understand that we all have the equal right to live irrespective of any judgment and discrimination. Everyone has their lifestyle, thoughts, beliefs, customs, and traditions. One should be spiritual in his/ her own belief. 

Even if we discriminate against others by caste, creed, or religion, our world is the same. Similarly, even if we judge others by caste, creed or religion our shadow is the same.”

Is it possible for all of us to bring change in our thoughts and perceptions?

Yes, It is. Nothing is impossible if we want to achieve. So let’s take a  resolution together towards making this world more beautiful by giving importance to humanity. A good human being is someone who is always true to his/her values and principles regardless of age, status, religion, race, lifestyle, and extending his/her selfless love, care, and support in other’s life.

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