Why & How Body Positivity Affects Mental Health?

The term “body positivity” is what everybody loves to promote but when it comes to applying everyone stops.

Body Positivity - Curative Artist
Body Positivity

We all believe in being healthier but most of the time we focus on looking skinnier. Which is not good at all, it affects you mentally as well as physically. The term “body positivity” is what everybody loves to promote but when it comes to applying everyone stops. The meaning of this word is accepting the body type, regardless of skin color, size, shape and gender. Each and everyone deserves love and respect, there is nothing known as a perfect body. A healthy body with a stable mind is always considered the best.

There are so many misconceptions when we talk about body positivity, when we think good we feel good. It is all in our mind based on what we hear and see. In this world which is full of glamour nothing is real. Accepting ourselves as we are is the best thing we can do to promote body positivity. By leaving the so-called perfect word and accepting what is real can heal all the negativity and uneasiness.

Are you aware that 80% of us dislike our bodies and always compare ourselves with others. Which has a direct impact on our mental health. Feeling low with all these thoughts in our mind makes it obvious that we are entering a very unhealthy lifestyle. If you feel you are not good enough just believe in yourself and motivate yourself to adopt a healthy lifestyle, change your routine. Always eat healthy, workout and meditate. Do what makes you happy but always remember you are doing this because you need a healthy body and a healthy mind. You are doing this for yourself.

Get started with your journey for self-love and remember the points mentioned below:

  1. Think Positive
    Always think positive about yourself, if you underestimate yourself then everyone else will do the same with you. Build your confidence and self-esteem. Think positive as it will boost you with positive energy. Encourage and remind yourself that you can do better. Positive affirmations will always help you out.
  2. Accept Yourself
    Accept yourself the way you are. At the end the one who remains with you is only YOU.
    So it is your responsibility to take care of yourself, thank yourself first for doing well so far. It is never too late to understand or accept yourself. Whether you think you are super thin or super thick, get rid of the negative thoughts that ruin your body image because acceptance is all about accepting who you are. Most of us have our own battle going on with body dissatisfaction like eating disorders, negative comments, feeling ashamed of yourself. But remember one thing all this can go away once you are determined and focus on only yourself with all the positivity. Always keep in mind everything takes time, just start it and you will know someday that you have reached a good place.
  3. Healthy is not a shape or size, it is a Lifestyle
    Most of us have this perception that being healthy or in shape is being skinner. Which is not true at all. Do not compose your fitness goals according to the weighing machine. Every good habit should be cherished and enjoyed, do not take it as a punishment else you will feel more burdened and pressured. You are doing it for yourself so be happy. Instead of focusing on the stupid points like, why do I weigh so much, why do I eat so much, why is my body bulky and so on. Think about how your body has always helped you, how it has taken you to amazing places. And how it has confidently faced every situation with you. So just focus on yourself and support yourself. What matters is your happiness.
  4. Do NOT compare yourself with others.
    Everyone is different, each one has their own specialty. So don’t judge anyone nor compare yourself with anyone. Everybody is perfect in their own way and don’t you think that this is how it is meant to be?
    What if everyone is the same, then there will be nothing to appreciate as a unique quality of ourselves. Comparing yourself with others means wishing you would be like them, but what is the need of being like others? Because you are supposed to be you. The one who truly cares for you will accept you for what you are.
    Adapt the positivity that you see around you and feel like yourself, be yourself as you are better in your own way.
  5. Appreciate yourself
    Always encourage yourself and cheer for yourself. Once in a while, give yourself a present, do something nice for your body. Focus on your skin care and body care. It will give you a lot of positivity. Surround yourself in a very positive environment. You are doing all the hard work and your body is supporting you in all the possible ways. Appreciate that!

Believe in yourself and know that you are AWESOME.

Always be grateful for what you have. Someone somewhere might be wishing for the same thing that you don’t care about. Stay away from conversations that do not make you happy. Keep exploring as you live only once, remember the below points.

  • Do not focus or get affected by how society see you or judge you. You are doing very well, people only talk about you when they see you have a personality that can be talked about.
  • Be real, be yourself.
  • Don’t do anything to please others. Genuine people will love you for what you are.
  • Love yourself and compliment yourself for all your achievements.
  • Feel confident.

Now the question arises is how body positivity affects your mental health and leads to anxiety and depression?

You feel anxious and depressed when you are not satisfied with what you have. It is good to crave for more but when you are following the positive way. An unhealthy mind will always lead to depression where you can lose all the confidence and self-esteem you have. Others will always judge you even if you are skinny or fat. All depends on how you judge yourself and what you think about yourself. Body positivity is to encourage respect and love for your body, most of the time it is considered as a crisis full of pressure and fake standards that we live up to. Why to live up to others’ expectations? Why?

What matters is your happiness so that you feel good about your body. Tell yourself to turn a blind eye towards the dominant beauty. Not feeling good about yourself means you are living a life full of guilt and embarrassment.
Follow a good approach that connects you to reality and positivity. You are the best, just focus on yourself.

Always keep in mind all the good changes take time to reflect, your responsibility is to just start it and you will know someday that you have reached one step closer towards your goal.

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