Self Care

Self care is what we do to take care of ourselves. When we act worried for ourselves and we realize that our mental, physical well being is very important.

Self Care Curative Artist
Self Care

Most of us are busy living our hectic life which is full of stress. That’s why we really don’t know what to do next. Each day is just passing by and we still are not able to get things straight. When we are mentally not well it causes anxiety, depression which most of us are surrounded by right now. Especially in this situation full of negativity and the news about covid, it directly affects our mind. As we all think there is nothing left in this world as each passing day there are so many people dying out there. Some of us might have seen and felt it and some of us have listened about this. At times like this it becomes more important to be always alert and take care of ourselves. Let’s not take the situation lightly. And, also there is no need to panic or worry. It is just a matter of time, it will all pass by.

We all know that we only live once, if we do right and feel good then once is enough.

Growth Towards a Healthy Mindset

Busy schedule, the same routine makes everything stuck at the same place and it becomes more tough to manage doing something really creative or take a step forward towards growth. What we really need to do is try and find out what makes us happy, what is our talent which can make us busy and happy at the same time, which is far away from all the negativities.


“Just relax, nobody has the capability to make you feel inferior

Believe in yourself and you’ll see the best version of you.”

Decide to include self-care practices in your everyday routine.

We all invest money, some of us invest in today and some of us for the future and some try to make a balance for today and tomorrow.

Is money only the thing that we need to worry about?

I don’t think so, there are so many people who are financially stable but still struggling for oxygen and initially some were struggling to get a bed in the hospital. Situations can arise from nowhere and can turn our life from upside down. So, we all should start realising that we should not take our life for granted. Everything is fine now, but we should always be prepared for tomorrow. Let’s start investing some time for ourselves.

Few points on what to do that includes self-care practise.

  • Eat healthy Exercise daily or do yoga.
  • Try learning new things.
  • Don’t overthink, as overthinking will never solve your problems.
  • Love yourself.
  • Talk about your progress, don’t compare with others. Don’t believe in the fake news and do not panic.
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself some positive words.
  • Whenever feeling low, talk about it, don’t let it depress you anymore.
  • Trust yourself and give yourself some time and tell yourself that everything will be fine.

Each and every point mentioned above is what we all know from the start but there are only a few of us who really apply them on a regular basis, for the rest of us it is just like theory which only sounds good. But when we start to believe in something it really works. Let’s stay away from the negativity and start a fresh tomorrow where everything will be fine. If not today then someday in future. But let’s not lose hope.

“Love yourself, take care of yourself.

It doesn’t mean that you are being selfish, it is just a small step towards being happy.”

Cheers to all of us who are still hanging there by going through a tough situation, still willing to live and seeking ways to live a more authentic life full of happiness and meaning.

Love yourself.

Take care:)

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