Best Series To Watch On Amazon prime

Best Series Available On Amazon Prime Curative Artist
Amazon Prime

Sharing the list of 10 best Amazon prime series to watch which are worth watching.

1.Modern Love

Modern Love Curative Artist
Modern Love

A perfect combination of unique stories based upon real life personal essays inspired from the New York times column.

2.The Forgotten Army – Azaadi Ke Liye

The Forgotten Army Azaadi Ke Liye Curative Artist
The Forgotten Army – Azaadi Ke Liye

Based upon the historic epic war all about the great Indian soldiers of Azad hind faux who marched and covered the distance of 3,884 Km from Singapore to Delhi.

Try experiencing this series and recreate the historic moment.

3.Made in Heaven

Made In Heaven Curative Artist
Made In Heaven

A story about the lives of two wedding planners. How they experience and go through the truth behind big fat Indian weddings.

4. Four more shots please!

Four More Shots Please! Curative Artist
Four More Shots Please!

Story of four girls and their friendship.

5. Breathe: Into the Shadows

Breathe Into The Shadows Curative Artist
Breathe: Into the Shadows

Kidnapping of a 6 year old happened by a masked man, all about investigation and mind games. How far will a man go to save his daughter?

6. The Family Man

The Family Man Curative Artist
The Family Man

An action drama series all about a middle class man. How he manages to protect his family along with working secretly against the terrorists.

7. Mirzapur

Mirzapur Curative Artist

A series full of drama about the millionaire carpet exporter Akhandanad Tripathi known as “Kaleen bhaiya” his son Munna and two brothers Guddu and Bablu. All about what they lost behind in order to gain the power and position.

8. Panchaya

Panchayat Curative Artist

A drama full of comedy which is all about the journey of an engineering graduate  Abhishek, who is in search of a good job. And due to lack of a better job option he joins the Panchayat office in a village of Uttar Pradesh as a secretary.

9. Paatal Lok ( पाताल लोक )

Paatal Lok पाताल लोक Curative Artist
पाताल लोक

Patal lok is a story of an inspector who starts investigating a very high profile case. While solving the case he comes to know about the dark realm of the underworld and about the shocking discoveries related to the case.

10. Bandish Bandits

Locke & Key
Locke & Key

A sweet and simple love story of a boy from classical singing background and a girl who is a pop sensation. Watch it to know how they met and fall in love while singing. And how will he manage love and maintain family legacy a classical music background or will he lose everything in the end?

All these series are amazing, one can easily find them on Prime video.

Hope that the list is helpful for you to decide which series to watch first.

Tell us if the list contains your favourite series and also if some series are not mentioned, please let us know in the comment section below.


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