How to Embrace Your Unique Self in an Increasingly Homogenous World

Living under the pressure of what others think of you is never good and neither justified. Being you and believing in yourself only makes you happy, all the negativity around should be left unidentified.

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Introduction: Defining Conformity and Its Impact on Our Lives

Conformity is an essential part of our lives, and it plays a major role in our behaviour like how we deal towards different situations. An act of adapting one’s conduct to fit as per the expectations of the society. Everyone tries to maintain relationships even if it’s just for a show off. Or trying to conform to societal pressure in order to be accepted by others. This thing can have positive as well as negative impacts on our lives. It all depends on the circumstances. It can also be helpful for us if we are willing to form meaningful relationships. On the other hand it can make us do things that are against our values and beliefs. Basically in this article, we will explore more about conformity and its impact in our lives.

Everyone has experienced the pressure to conform but have we ever thought about why we feel it?

Understanding the psychological reason behind the pressure can provide us a better chance to make better decisions and can decrease the urge to conform.

Below are some common reasons for conformity.

  • Peer Pressure: Mostly we are influenced by our peers’ point of view and values, even if we don’t willingly realise it.
  • Fear of judgement: The fear of being judged for having a different opinion also plays a big role for the same. People may feel a need to conform if they want to be the part of a particular group of people.

Conforming can also lead to a loss of individuality, as well as mental health issues, and it can also crush creativity. It is very imperative to examine the negative parts of conforming and how it can affect our lives. By understanding these dangers, we can take steps to prevent ourselves from conforming too much and instead embrace our unique selves. If we try to impress others against our own will, we try to do something that can have a very dangerous impact in our lives.

Suppose if we have a friend who does not drink but just to adjust and to be part of that group he drinks, is it safe or a good decision to do something against their will? The answer is simply a big “NO”. Is it even a real bond if we need to suppress our thoughts or break our morals and values ?
It is always better to think before implementing any action. Be yourself, the one who really cares for you will accept you for what and who you are. Every person has their own identity that defines them and makes them different from others. That’s why it is important to know your worth and embrace your uniqueness. I know that it is easier to say that than applying, however, as most of us have always lived under the pressure of what other people will say, what they think. It doesn’t even matter as everyone is busy in their own life, no one has enough time to discuss others. Even if they will judge it will be just for an hour or at most for 1 month then what? What matters is your own happiness. And that’s why it is important to learn practical ways to accept and celebrate your true self.

Below are some points for self-acceptance techniques that can help you redefine your sense of identity.

  • Accept yourself and believe in yourself.
  • Stop trying to compromise for the things that you don’t like. Just to impress others.
  • Be real, there is no harm in saying what you really feel.
  • Spend time with yourself and do what you love.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others.

By knowing your own worth, values, strength and weakness you can start to appreciate yourself, as this will help you create a fulfilling life for yourself.

Living under the pressure of what others think of you is never good and neither justified.

Being you and believing in yourself only makes you happy, all the negativity around should be left unidentified.

Try to connect with like-minded people who accept you for who you are. In this whole world there might be someone who can be a true friend or a true partner who wishes to see you happy. So leave behind all the negativity. Find someone who celebrates your uniqueness and look for a supportive community that values and respects you for your individual thoughts because there is everyone waiting to judge but very few to appreciate you.

Be real, be yourself.

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