Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Sharing my personal experience with finding the best website hosting provider for small website(s).
Best Website Hosting Provider
Best Website Hosting Provider

In my 3 years career, I have worked with most of the hosting providers and used their hosting service(s). This includes shared hosting, managed hosting, VPS, Cloud-based servers offered by various well-known hosting providers such as AWS(Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Kinsta, Siteground, NameCheap, DreamHost, and other hosting providers.

So, in this article, Iโ€™ll be covering only one type of requirement which is: best hosting provider(shared), for websites mainly small sites, offered at the lowest price. Those. who host small websites like static websites, WordPress sites, landing pages, blogging websites, portfolios, photography, and small eCommerce sites as well.

NOTE: This article is written after a personal experience which means No Promotions. I use and suggest NameCheap for small websites.

Limitations with hosting providers?

Well, we all look for the best performing, reliable web hosting that can give us an optimal performance, about 100% uptime, good support, and most important free modules/features with a starter plan. When talking about modules/features, many hosting providers disable the common features like important PHP modules related to compression/optimization, access to the latest PHP version(Not recommended in case of WordPress), root access, SSH, limitations on the number of DBs, sub-domains, and add-on domains, etc. Many hosting services providers add their skin to the cPanel which creates difficulties for new users or for those whoโ€™re not that technical and when they google for help/support they donโ€™t find the answers if they donโ€™t want to connect with support(When support is not good).

Why NameCheap is the best shared hosting provider?

NameCheap wins on all the above points. If we talk about the below-pricing segment, itโ€™s cheap if you are just starting or you have a small website to host. That could be a WordPress website, a static, a dynamic, and a small eCommerce site as well.

The starter plan starts from $1.58/mo(US Datacenter) and $2.58/mo(UK Datacenter) with the following features:

Free DomainYes
Number of websites3
Storage20GB SSD
File (Inode) Limit300
Number of sub-domains30
Number of email accounts30
MySQL Databases50
Web ServerApache/Lightspeed
BackupsTwice a Week

Always keep in mind that only hosting/server is not the reason for high/low performance or load time. There are more factors if we talk about WordPress particularly, like:

  1. Not using an optimized theme(Best to keep only active theme; max 2-3 themes)
  2. Using too many plugins(Always use a minimum number of plugins)
  3. Caching/Optimization Settings(For best output use Cloudflare)

NameCheap shared hosting is the best-shared hosting from all of its current competitors in the current market. You will find many articles over best shared hosting or best WordPress hosting provider but I don’t think they have written the uses type particularly. To check the latest promos visit the site:

The next tech blog will be on shared hosting for large website(s). Stay connected with us to receive the latest update.

Deepak Tiwari
I'm a Software Engineer working with a CMMI Level 3 Company. I started my career as a back-end developer with PHP and now working on various PHP Frameworks', eCommerce platforms , CMS platforms and front-end as well.