Live like there is no tomorrow

The most important thing which is not in our hand is"time". No matter how hard we try if once it is gone nothing can make up for it, the only thing we can do after that is regret. All we have is the present, we have to live in the present happily so that we can make the future better. If it is not now then it is never. Live your life like there is no tomorrow.

Live Like There Is No Tomorrow
Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

Life seems to be painless, until you perceive the pain
Life seems to be alluring, until you recognize the fact.
But, life seems to be fatuous if you haven’t experienced the harsh realities
At the denouement, you have to admire all the things, if they are good or bad…
Because, they all are for your sake

Have you ever thought if time will suddenly stop for us today and we‘ll be left alone with so many unsaid words, if all the things will end, then we’ll just want to turn the time back and change the things? We can always find a way if we try to live every moment of our life full of happiness. We all have nothing we will take with us instead of the love we receive and trust me there is nothing more exciting than the feeling we have inside us of never dying, so we should not waste our time as this moment will soon pass by. There is no need to regret it. Something we should believe in our dreams they will always make us feel alive. Life is not very long and it should be full of love, care, adventure, and laughter. We should know the worth of everything and we should not take anything for granted. Loneliness is not something that can’t be overcome and our life is precious even if we have just a day we can enjoy it and it will make us feel very happy. The time we spend with our favorite people is always beautiful. So, we shouldn’t regret what we can’t have, we should always be thankful for all the love and cherish even the small moments we live, think about maintaining the things that are still with us and will always be ours. Because this is the time to take the chance and grab what belongs to us. If we believe in ourselves then no one can stop us, we have to take a stand. This time we don’t have to lose the choices that are in our hands. We can find a way to solve our problems, to do anything that we want if we try to because this is the only chance we will have to make our life better. We all live once and we have to think about all the things at this one time. But most of us sometimes fail to keep things under control. Our life always takes a new turn at every point. There are times in which we feel hurt. It does not mean that we will stop living or we will be depressed about it, the only thing that can change the meaning of our life is ourselves.

Start living before dying
Start living before dying

Sometimes we are totally confused, and we get to the conclusion on our own that this is the end now but we don’t know that every finishing line is the beginning of a new race. 

So, never give up. Not today but someday things will be surely under our control. Even if nothing is going according to us sometimes, there is surely something right about it.  We should always stay calm and believe that everything will be okay.

Have faith and live like there is no tomorrow.

Keep smiling.

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