True friends are forever, a connection not by blood but it’s a connection by heart.

Sitting at a corner, suddenly laughing, teasing each other, reading each other's mind....that makes us happier than anything else... It was no one other than us, just me and my crazy friends...


Friendship is a connection not by blood but by heart. It is impossible to live a life without making friends, they are the family we choose. Good friends are the ones who stay by our side.There is always a friend in our life who is very close to us, who understands us. A true friend is like a treasure for us. Sometimes one can be  selfish and approach only if they need something and we can see their intention clearly but we decide to just go along with their selfish behaviour, as it seems to be easy that way. But a true friend always love, cares for us. Without saying a single word we understand each other. There is always a comfort that someone is there for us, in all our days. In our good ones, in our worst one. We have our support to cheer us on. To share your problem, or a cup of coffee, even discussing something useless at night, texting or calling every time to share even a small thing. It is a great feeling where words are not needed, it is just a feeling that makes us feel so happy. I am really grateful to have all my friends. Each one of them is special in their own way. They always praise me, make fun of me. We can laugh at anything even when everyone is quiet. They tell us the truth even if it is hard for us as they always want to see us improving day by day. To have a good and real friendship these days is just a blessing which is above all the selfishness and fakeness.

“It is easy to make friends but hard to keep the friendship, easy to resolve each other’s problems but hard to handle the fights with each other. It is hard to apologize first but it is even harder to be alone.”

Sometimes we don’t understand our own feelings and ignore them. We are not able to figure out how to set things straight, everything is suddenly all tangled up. It is a feeling that is different from anything we have felt before. A true friend will always say that “ No one will acknowledge you for your troubles and if you are going through something hard you don’t need to keep it to yourself” and that is when we all feel so relaxed. 

“All the problems in our life flow at us like ripples, if you have someone special all the problems can be endured. “

Friendship has so many phases the bond gets stronger as the time passes by. A friend is the one who can bring the best version of you. We choose our friends and they are the one we bring into our lives knowingly and we should never ignore the value of a good friend who is always with us through our hard times. A friend accepts us just the way we are and sticks around during the good and bad times. 

If you have a person who is always by your side, never let them go away and don’t forget to be a good one in return, always show them how much you care and respect. That doesn’t matter if you have not talked to each other in a while, remember to always reach out to the amazing people in your life and don’t forget to celebrate each and every moment with the people who love and support you every time.❤️

Keep smiling and let your special people know that you love them.

My objective is to provide people with original, interesting, easy-to-read and friendly content. I like to write about the contents that are relatable for all my readers.I just wish that my readers will understand the contents because I write what my heart speaks and it helps me to understand myself in a better way, I write what I feel and it has helped me a lot. My life really changed that day when I wrote the first note about the thought in my mind and that made me realize what kind of person I am. After that when I was sad, I wrote my second note that was all about motivating myself. It made me realize that I don't need other's to be happy, I will always be happy if I make up my mind to be. Third note was when I wrote my first poem, after that I got to know that I love to write, I don't know whether I am a good writer or not , I will never stop writing.