Leave The Betrayer, Gain a Life From the Pain…

Betrayal is a devastating loss that most of us experience, it hurts more because we never thought of being hurt. Leave the betrayer, gain a Life from the pain...

Leave the betrayer, gain a Life from the pain...Curative Artist!
Leave The Betrayer, Gain a Life From the Pain...

Why is it so hard to understand why our trust is shattered and we feel hurt?

When we trust a person and that person breaks our trust, it turns everything upside down for us. We are left alone with lots of questions with no answers, disbelief, and unbelievable pain. It is very hard to overcome the betrayal and forget the person whom we trust. Moreover, it is hard to believe that now there is no one whom we could trust.
With time feelings change or it can be like that feelings were never there from another side, we were fooled by some innocent and sympathy-gaining talks. Afterward, we regret and blame ourselves for believing someone that……

Is it wrong to trust someone?

It is not wrong to trust someone but it is not fair to trust someone blindly, it is always better to be practical because at last no one is going to be there for us but it is not right to say that we are always going to be hurt, there might be someone who could be by our side. We can’t be betrayed when we do not give importance more than is required. It is very important to be at our own pace rather than impressing others by faking things. That way we will not get involved in the stupid betrayal game of someone.

“Betrayal changes everything but how it changes us matters the most.”

We all struggle with feelings of betrayal and it is normal to feel that way. What we experience is common at our age. Many people survived what we might be going through. It is just a matter of time, everything is going to be fine and we are going to learn and grow better.

Can we overcome the pain?

We all know that it is not easy to recover but betrayal is not the end. Then why do we always feel bad when there are so many amazing things waiting for us. We should not let negative thoughts harm us.
Our family, true friends, and siblings are always there to help and support us but nothing can’t be normal when we don’t want to help ourselves.

“We could be an inspiration if we turn our loss into motivation that can be helpful for someone.”

Everybody knows how to live for themselves but the world only remembers those who try to live for others. Our sorrows are very small in front of the struggle of others, we should always try to gain something from every experience.
Cry, scream do whatever you can to free yourself from those feelings. But always remember once you move on there is no looking back.

“It always hurts to be betrayed by someone we love that’s why we should be very careful while choosing whom to trust” 😇😇

Sometimes there are misfortunes that we could not handle, there are moments when we wish to disappear but we should always remember hiding is not the solution.
The most important thing for us is to understand the situation very clearly. There are times where understanding and accepting the truth is very hard and the consolation is of no use. No matter how scary the truth is, it is unavoidable. We should always be ready to accept the situations.

How to overcome the pain and betrayal…

There is no specific way to overcome something if we don’t have the determination to do so. There is no reason for locking ourselves in a room just because we can’t trust a person doesn’t mean that everyone is the same. It is not our fault, it’s all about the circumstances.
The best way to deal with heartbreak is to be aware and control all the mixed emotions that can cause depression-like anger, frustration, and sadness. Express it, not by harming others or ourselves but sometimes through writing all the emotions can make us feel better. We should not think about our pain, it will only hurt us more and it can also cause mental illness that will make us feel sad for a long time. Rather than crying, we should cherish all the positivity around us. We should keep ourselves busy and work hard to make up for the time we wasted.
Emotion indeed lasts longer than memory. We all remember how emotionally we felt in a certain situation. That’s why it is very imperative to express the emotion and feel lighter rather than hiding them because later on, those emotions can hurt us. Small things in life matter, the same goes with emotions. So, we should always keep smiling and expressing what we feel.
We are not lonely, we have friends who can listen to us! So always try to be around happy people. Our emotions are also influenced by the people around us. If everyone around us is happy and cheerful, that will make us happy as well. This is why it is important to escape from all the loneliness and toxic environments, especially if we are not feeling good.

All our pain can affect our health. We can only change ourselves and help ourselves to move on and lead a happy life.
Everything will be fine, we should not try to make things harder. We are only responsible for our happiness, always do good and you will get the best in return.

Always try to be strong.
It is just a matter of time someday we will eventually lead a happy life.

Live without regrets, live without fears.
Our sadness can destroy our today, can affect our tomorrow, so always believe in yourself rather than being lonely and shedding tears.

Keep smiling ❤️
Value yourself then only others will know your true value.
Start loving yourself then you will be loved by everyone else.

Stay positive and move on….😇😇

My objective is to provide people with original, interesting, easy-to-read and friendly content. I like to write about the contents that are relatable for all my readers.I just wish that my readers will understand the contents because I write what my heart speaks and it helps me to understand myself in a better way, I write what I feel and it has helped me a lot. My life really changed that day when I wrote the first note about the thought in my mind and that made me realize what kind of person I am. After that when I was sad, I wrote my second note that was all about motivating myself. It made me realize that I don't need other's to be happy, I will always be happy if I make up my mind to be. Third note was when I wrote my first poem, after that I got to know that I love to write, I don't know whether I am a good writer or not , I will never stop writing.