Good Speaking Habits

If you want to be heard, you need to speak because your voice defines you, your thoughts and tells how you feel. So, always be polite, smile and show some expressions for a better conversation whenever you need.

Good Speaking Habits
Good Speaking Habits

When we are communicating virtually and not aware of appearance, voice is the only way to represent who we are! 
We judge everyone by the way of speaking and reacting towards the situation, and it is obvious that others will do the same thing too. We all somewhere give it a thought after communicating that

Was I too loud? 
Did I answer properly?  
Did the person listening to me think that I was full of attitude or arrogant?
many more…….

There is no end to these types of questions coming to our mind.

Anyone can face, voice tone problem and many of the times there is a misunderstanding just because of the way we speak. 

It is not important to speak in a loud voice, our voice and way of speaking should be humble and clear enough for the one listening to us.

Some tips to improve the way we speak for a better conversation –

  • It is very important to grab the attention of listeners while we are speaking but that doesn’t mean we can shout because it will only give a wrong impression about our personality. Best option is to focus on the content we tend to speak and change the way accordingly as we are not supposed to turn a casual topic into a debate.
  • Some of us tend to whisper or mumble, which is absolutely not a good thing. If we want to be heard we need to say something clearly. Try to speak with confidence.
  • Don’t speed up while speaking, gently focus on words, “are they clear enough for the listener?”
  • Develop a good and clear voice tone including the expressions while  saying something, concentrate on your words that every word is pronounced clearly.
  • Change the way you ask about something. Don’t order others around you, ask gently and see the positive change coming our way.
  • Speak naturally, if we try to fake something. We will definitely make mistakes. Take a deep breath and practice to control pitch.

Ideal speaking rate is 120-150 words per minute. By practicing we can accomplish anything we want.

Just give it a try!
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