The Hidden – Unspoken Feeling…!

The unspoken feeling which is hidden deep inside our heart….


There is always someone special in our life who is important for us. We keep worrying about that person. If they are depressed we feel upset, if they smile it makes us feel happy. It sometimes drives us crazy that we continuously keep on thinking about that person. In this world where there are so many fake relationships it is hard to find a real one. If you have one just accept it.

There are so many times in life when we all face problems or misunderstandings but as time passes by a true relationship seems to get stronger day by day, even after so many misunderstandings. It is a fact that we all have our own problems to deal with but it really feels good when someone tries to help us or understand us. It is always relaxing to have someone by our side and we don’t want them to feel hurt or sad.

Each one of us might have someone very special whom we want to protect and care about but there are times where we are tired and  deal with misunderstandings which makes us feel sad and make us feel regretful regarding some decisions but there is always time to makeup for all our wrongful doings. This is what life teaches us at every step, we need to be stronger day by day to get up and face new challenges.

Each one of us spend our life with some of the most memorable days. There are hard times but we all have the courage to accept the truth. In life, most of the time we lose something but we also gain much more.

Most of the time we think, is there such a thing like true love or does a perfect love exist?

The truth is love might not be perfect or true and it is always incomplete but it is beautiful ❤️. Because of love we learn how to care, we know how to value the feelings and we get to know that there is something really magical which never fails to surprise us and we get to know about ourselves and our feelings more. That’s why sometimes we feel hurt or we cry and the next moment we smile and sometimes feel shy. Perhaps love is something which is never planned. We fall into it even if we fail.

“Love can’t be measured by duration of time…

Even if it’s just for a moment, the depth and authenticity matters.”

Sometimes imperfections in us makes us extraordinary☺️

There are so many beautiful moments where we are immature or act what our heart says, the moments that shine brightly and bring a smile at our face. We should not be afraid to lose something and we should always believe if we are sincere and want it by heart we can have anything. We should believe that we deserve better.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect but we still have a chance to be better and be more than perfect each day.

Start loving yourself ❣️♥️❣️

Care for everyone around you.

Forgive yourself and try to improve, we should not be negative about ourselves, it will not destroy our mental peace but also our self-esteem. Always remember we are not a bad person but there are situations which can turn us into the bad one.

A true person is the one who turns the situation down and not changes a bit in a negative manner because of that. As positive changes should be always welcomed with a great smile 😇😇

My objective is to provide people with original, interesting, easy-to-read and friendly content. I like to write about the contents that are relatable for all my readers.I just wish that my readers will understand the contents because I write what my heart speaks and it helps me to understand myself in a better way, I write what I feel and it has helped me a lot. My life really changed that day when I wrote the first note about the thought in my mind and that made me realize what kind of person I am. After that when I was sad, I wrote my second note that was all about motivating myself. It made me realize that I don't need other's to be happy, I will always be happy if I make up my mind to be. Third note was when I wrote my first poem, after that I got to know that I love to write, I don't know whether I am a good writer or not , I will never stop writing.